New Valuations-MIVA, QADI

Quick update:

Miva valuation fell to $7.37 from $7.52 (2%). More cost cuts promised in 2007, so maybe this one will turn around over the next quarter or two. Stock has fallen this week, but so has the market. HOLD.

QADI valuation jumped from $13.69 to $15.92–16%, on a very nice quarter. Hopefully the stock will reflect this tomorrow. We like it. BUY.

SPNC–very good news on their CELLO trials. FDA agreed to cut the enrollment group to get the data submitted for approval. Think this will get appoved!! This is very big. Stock rose to $10.56 from $9.88. Should have gone higher in our opinion, but the shorts are STILL playing around. Maybe we will see something from Citibank on an increase in their target price too in ths next couple of days, after their presentation yesterday. BUY.


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