ONXS– (Onyx) closed the week at $4.54 up 11% from our $4.10 buy price. No news on the CDC takeover offer status-or what their investment bankers are up to . Valuation remains at $7.12. HOLD

Linn.ob–jumped to $.48 ask from our $.36 (ask) buy price. Up 33%. They announce earnings this week on May 4th. Hang on–valuation is $.79. Volume last week was over 1 million shares compared to under 100,000 the week before. Looks like it is being discovered! HOLD
OPTO.ob–closed the week on the upswing at $1.43, up 14% from our $1.25 buy price. Valuation is $3.09. Been buying more at $1.35 or less. HOLD
AVSO.ob–closed at $2.39, up 101% from our $1.19 buy price. Valuation still over $3.00. Holding for north of $2.50. HOLD
IYXI.ob–closed at $2.43, up 27% from our $1.91 buy price and slowly climbing back from the earnings disappoinment a few weeks ago. HOLD
CTIG.ob–slipped back a bit to $.35 ask, still up 30% from our $.27 buy price. Valuation $1.10. HOLD

Inforte (INFT)

INFT also announced earnings on 4/25. Sales were up 15% and they made $.03 a share up from a loss last year. Cash was $30.1 million or $2.59 per share–still more than 50% of stock price. New valuation is $7.32 a share up from $6.85. Stock moved up steadily to $4.75 on Friday–up 16% from our $4.11 buy price. Hold–or buy a little if you have none.

Datawatch (DWCH)

DWCH announced earnings on 4/25. They were very good. Sales were up 6% and they made $.04 per share. They released some details on their new acquisition. I believe this will be accretive to earnings going forward. They will use most of their cash for this deal, but have arranged a $3 million credit line, so they should be ok. Valuation has moved up (incorporating the estimated impact of the acquisiton) to $9.31 per share from previous $7.50. Buying more at this level since stock did nothing–closing Friday at $3.77 up only slightly from our $3.66 buy price.


Anounced preliminary Q1 results on 4/21. Not bad. Sales are expected to be over $44 million with positive EBITDA ($.5 million), and a GAAP loss of $.12–slightly higher than expected due to higher foreign taxes. Stock jumped to $4.40–up 16% from our $3.80 buy price. Cash grew to $39.7 million–over a buck a share. Looking good. Will update our $9.10 valuation when full numbers get published. Hold–or buy a little at this price if you did not get in.


We got our second close-out this past week–Datalink for a nice 45% gain in a crappy market. We are hoping these will be next!

DWCH–continues to do nothing. Closed at $3.74, up slightly from our $3.66 buy price. Valuation is $7.50. Buy
MIVA–Closed at $3.62 down from our$3.80 buy price. Nothing has changed, valuation still $9.10. Buy
ONXS–closed at $4.45 up from our $4.10 buy price. Hired Piper to evalaute CHINA takeover offer–and hopefully others. Valuation $$7.12. Hold
INFT–closed at $4.47 up from our $4.11 buy. Valuation $6.85. Hold


OPTO.ob–starting to move on some volume. Closed at $1.45. Valuation $3.09, but price $1.25. Buy
AVSO.ob–Valuation $3.14. Closed at $2.35. Buy price $1.19. Hold for at least $2.50
IYXI.ob–holding for a bounce back into the three’s.
CTIG.ob–volume perking up. Closed at $.37 bid, $.44 ask–up from out $.27 buy price. Valuation is $1.10. Looking for $.75 at least. Hold