Onyx (ONXS)

ONXS seems to be hanging in there after the take-under offer from CSC (CHINA). Closed the week at $4.58 up 12% from our buy at $4.10. Hold, hoping for a higher offer.

OPTO.OB-stayed right at our buy price last week of $1.24. Buy

MIVA moved up a tad to $3.88 from our buy at $3.80 +2%. Buy

AVSO.OB is frustrating. Poked up to $2.50, then fell back to $2.24–still up 88% but thought we would be out of this one by now. Hold

DTLK–keeps falling back from over $5.00. Closed at $4.01 now down 2% from our buy at $4.10. Hold

DWCH–looking stong this past week. Closed at $4.02, up 10% from our buy at $3.66. Hold

INFT–just sitting there. Closed at $4.07 down 1% from our buy at $4.11. Hold

IYXI.OB–Closed at $3.00. Up 57% from our buy at $1.91. Hold for $3.50

CTIG.OB-Closed at $.29 ask, up from $.27 buy price. Hold/Buy


Optio Software-OPTO.ob

Another OB-aby. I have been in OPTO for a while. Started buying around $1. Stock has been up to $1.40 recently, business fundamentals are still good. Valuation is $2.65 a share. Large investor group is pushing management to increase the share value. After a bunch of new customer win press releases in the last month, the stock has drifted back down to the $1.2o bid $1.25 ask area. Buy all you can at this level.


Bought DTLK earlier this year and $4.00. It immediately ran up over $5.00 and has been backtracking ever since to $4.24 on Friday. Our valuation is $7.00. DTLK has just over $1.00 a share in cash and it looks like time to buy more at this level. Looking for at least $6.00 on this one. Buy.


NTCT–jumped last week to $7.10 +$.52. +29%. Holding for $7.75 or better. Hold
DWCH-off $.08 last week to $3.61. Still looking for $7.00. Buy
ONXS-up $.02 last week to $3.79. Hold for $6
INFT-off $.15 last week to $4.13, but did over 300,000 shares on Friday. Biggest volume since April 2005, just before the $1.50 dividend. Maybe something is up? Looking for $6–Buy
IYXI.ob-closed down $.18 to $2.70. Hold for $3.50.
AVSO.ob-stayed at $2.10-no change. Still up 76%. Hold for $2.50+
CTIG.ob–ask moved up to $.30 fron $.27. Looking for $.60+


IYXI.ob–barrelled over $3, but couldn’t hold. Closed at $2.88, up $.03 from last week. +51% to date. Still holding for $3.50
AVSO.ob–got up to $2.19 during the week, but closed up $.02 at $2.10. +76% to date. Holding for $2.50+
NTCT–down $.16 to $6.58. +19% to date. Hold for $7.75.
DWCH–up $.16 to $3.69. +1%. Looking for $7.00. Buy.
ONXS–closed down $.12 to $3.77. (8%). Still waiting for $6.00+. Hold
INFT–up $.12 to $4.28. +4% to date. Looking for $6.00. Buy.
CTIG.ob–stayed at $.27 ask. Will take a while. Buy. Could be a 3 bagger.