CSI Update, July 2019-Free Blog

Of our closed out positions on the Blog, since inception, we have had 71 winners, 19 losers for a 79% win-rate with an average gain of 35.7%.

We will continue to update on the remaining stock positions individually until they are all sold.

In July:

AVID has continued to move up and is now up 116% this year and 23% lifetime.

ATEC is up 105% this year, but still is down 33% lifetime. ATEC raised about $57 million is a share offering last week. It got snapped up pretty quickly at only a 10% discount to the market price when it was announced.

SYNC, is down 1% this year and 43% lifetime. They announced that they are losing the AT+T contract, but the effects will not be felt until 2020 as they wind down and transfer the business. MGMT needs to sell this puppy.

July 2019 Legacy Positions:


Share cost-$2.56

Current Price-$1.46

Lifetime Gain(Loss)-(43%)

YTD Gain(Loss)-(1%)

Current Valuation-$4.23

Price to Value ratio-35%

Prior Valuation-$5.48


Share cost-$7.06

Current Price-$4.70

Lifetime Gain(Loss)-(33%)

YTD Gain(Loss)-105%

Current Valuation-$4.82

Price to Value ratio-97%

Prior Valuation-$4.83 


Share cost-$8.35

Current Price-$10.25

Lifetime Gain(Loss)-23%

YTD Gain(Loss)-115%

Current Valuation-$16.39

Price to Value ratio-63%

Prior Valuation-$16.11