Private Portfolio Update-GSL-Buy-Out?

I closed my position in GSL (Global Ship Lease) yesterday with a 4% gain in about 10 months. They announced a merger with two private companies that supposedly values GSL at $1.78 a share. People only believed that for an couple of hours, as the prices jumped from $.87 to over $1.50 in premarket, then slid all the way back to about $.95 at the close. Looks like only the investment banker will make any money on this deal.  4% is better than a CD rate, and in this market, any closed out gain is pretty good I guess.


Tesla (TSLA) valuation-$30

For fun I have been looking at some of the big cap, high flying, stocks. I don’t need to do my valuation formula to know they are way overvalued.

My valuation came in at $30 and that was being generous. This is what I think it is worth today–fully valued. I am not saying it is not a really good company, but the projected growth rates that analysts are using to get to the current price better be right, or this will end up a real stinker