CSI Update, August 2019-Private Subscribers

We stopped publishing our free weekly CSI Blog after 10 years of publishing at the end of 2015. We are following our 3 remaining open positions until the end.

In late 2015 we started offering a paid subscription service which is similar to the Blog, but we tell you exactly what stocks we bought and why—and sold every day, with a weekly summary of activity, open positions, how many shares we own and their valuations.

I have averaged a 42% gain on the 35 stocks I have sold (33 winners and 2 small losers) in my private portfolio since January 1, 2016. Nine of the 35 stocks have had buy-out offers, including six in 2017 and two in 2018. But none in 2019—yet.

If you are interested in becoming one of our private paid subscribers, please e-mail me at daveosowski@gmail.com.

Here is the list of private subscription stocks I have bought and sold since December 2015.

2019 PERI, 77% gain

2019 Tech storage company, sold 66% for a 42% gain

2019 EXTR, 15% gain

2019 Medical Device company, sold 15% for a 48% gain

2019 DHI Corp, 46% gain

2019 Medical device company, (sold 27%), 49% gain

2019 Lantronix, 41% gain

2019 PDLI, 15% gain

2018 The Rubicon Project 1% gain

2018 Otelco 116% gain.

2018 Global Ship Lease 4% gain

2018 Telecom Services (57% sold) 3% gain

2018 Lantronix, 52% gain

2018 Ceragon Networks, 82% gain

2018 Networking Co. (1/3 sold) 17% gain

2018 Pitney Bowes 31% gain

2018 Calix-1% gain

2018 Xerox 34% gain, Buy-Out

2018 RMG Networks-1% gain

2017 Telecommunications Co., 59% gain (partial sale)

2017 magicJack 17% gain, Buy-Out

2017 eGain 56% gain

2017 YUME 90% gain, Buy-Out

2017 MaxPoint Interactive 60% gain

2017 Shortel 24% gain, Buy-Out

2017 Tremor Video 25% gain

2017 MRV Communications 6% loss, Buy-Out

2017 Ceragon Networks 55% gain

2017 Angie’s List 60% gain, Buy-Out

2017 Lantronix 135% gain

2017 Syneron Medical 46% gain, Buy-Out

2017 RocketFuel 140% gain

2017 Conduent .1% gain

2017 Harmonic 74% gain

2016 Ceragon Networks 48% gain

2016 Alphatec 71% gain

2016 Universal Insurance 36% gain

2016 Mitel Networks 15% gain

2016 Avid Technology 50% gain

2016 Silicon Graphics 70% gain, Buy-Out

2016 Imatron 30% gain

2016 Harmonic 80% gain

2016 United Online 5% loss, Buy-Out


CSI Update, August 2019-Free Blog

AVID got bombed on Q2 earnings.They were really not bad but you sure shouldn’t tell from the stock price, plunging from $10.09 to $6.53. Revenues came in at $98.7 compared to $98.6 last year and Non-GAAP net income came in at $.02 a share compared to a $.10 loss last year. Apparently they “missed” some analyst estimate of $101.7 million in sales and $.04 earnings. My valuation did fall from $16.39 to $14.33 versus $14.64 in Q2 2018. This was big over reaction in my opinion. The stock has rebounded  bit since earnings.

ATEC is up 128% this year, but still is down 26% lifetime. ATEC raised about $57 million is a share offering in August at $4.60 a share. It got snapped up pretty quickly at only a 10% discount to the market price when it was announced.

SYNC has not participated in the market rally. SYNC reported Q2 earnings. Not bad, and about as expected. At this point I hope the AT&T contract winds up quickly. Maybe then the focus can be on their recurring revenue base.  Revenues came in at $31.8 million compared to $35.9 million last year. Loss was $2.2 million (Non-GAAP) compared to $2.3 million last year. Net cash was about $9 million. My valuation fell to $4.12 from $4.23, but of course this includes the soon to be gone AT&T revenues and income.  Without AT&T, I estimate the valuation is still over $3.

August 2019 Legacy Positions:


Share cost-$2.56

Current Price-$1.46

Lifetime Gain (Loss)-(43%)

YTD Gain (Loss)-(1%)

Current Valuation-$4.12

Price to Value ratio-35%

Prior Valuation-$4.23


Share cost-$7.06

Current Price-$5.23

Lifetime Gain (Loss)-(26%)

YTD Gain (Loss)-128%

Current Valuation-$4.82

Price to Value ratio-108%

Prior Valuation-$4.83 


Share cost-$8.35

Current Price-$7.46

Lifetime Gain (Loss)-(11%)

YTD Gain (Loss)-57%

Current Valuation-$14.33

Price to Value ratio-52%

Prior Valuation-$16.39