INYX closed up $.20 to $2.85 (up 49% from $1.91 purchase price). Hopefully all their PR is true and we will see a huge increase in sales–and close to or at–cash breakeven and a price close to $3.50.

AVSO.ob–down a bit to $2.08 but still up from $1.19 buy price–+75%. Hold to $2.50 at least.
NTCT–closed $6.74 from $6.58. Up 21% from $5.55 buy price. Hold for $7.75.
DWCH–closed $3.53 down from $3.66 last week and our buy price–down 4%. Still looks like it is worth $7 to me. Buy.
ONXS–closed $3.89, up $.12 from last week, but still down from our buy price of $4.10. Down 5%. Hold for next quarter earnings.
INFT–closed $4.16 up from our buy price of $4.11–+1%. watching moss grow, but expect to wake up some day and the stock will be over $6. Buy/Hold



AVSO.ob-Closed last week at $2.20 (+85%). Hold till $2.50
INFT–Closed at $4.11 (EVEN). Doing nothing. Wait for next earning report. Target $6.
NTCT-Closed $6.58 (+19%). Hold for $7.75.
DWCH-Closed $3.66 (EVEN). Hold for $7.00
ONXS-Closed $3.77 (-8%). Announced good earnings, but had lousy guidance. Looking for $6+ on this one, but will have to watch closely. If they don’t beat their guidance, or don’t have positive guidance at next earnings, this will be a sell.

New Cheap stocks

Datawatch (NASDAQ-DWCH). Valuation pegged at $7.50, trading $3.66 as of Friday. $.93 per share in cash. Looks like a great buy at this level.
Onyx Software (NASDAQ-ONXS). Valuation pegged at $7.12, trading at $4.15 on Friday. $1.17 in cash. Buy.
Avatech (BB-AVSO.ob). Has moved up from $1.19 to $1.95 (+64%). Valuation $3.14 so it still has room to go. $2.50 target to start lightening up. Hold.
Netscout-(NASDAQ–NTCT). Price staying strong at $6.44 (bought at $5.53). Valuation $8.57. Target-$7.75. Hold.