NTCT–jumped last week to $7.10 +$.52. +29%. Holding for $7.75 or better. Hold
DWCH-off $.08 last week to $3.61. Still looking for $7.00. Buy
ONXS-up $.02 last week to $3.79. Hold for $6
INFT-off $.15 last week to $4.13, but did over 300,000 shares on Friday. Biggest volume since April 2005, just before the $1.50 dividend. Maybe something is up? Looking for $6–Buy
IYXI.ob-closed down $.18 to $2.70. Hold for $3.50.
AVSO.ob-stayed at $2.10-no change. Still up 76%. Hold for $2.50+
CTIG.ob–ask moved up to $.30 fron $.27. Looking for $.60+


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