MIVA closed at $4.08 on Friday. Now up 5% from our $3.88 buy. Buy
DTLK closed at $4.11, still below our buy price of $4.24–down 3%–Buy
DWCH-closed at $3.85 down last week but still 5% higher than our $3.66 buy price. Buy.
INFT–closed at $4.38 up 7% from our $4.11 buy price. Hard to tell if this is starting its move up or not due to the low volume. Buy
ONXS–closed at $4.75. Now up 16% from $4.11 buy price. No word on take over offer from CSC, but Loeb Partners just increased thier holdings to 7.25% of ONXS. Bought 273,000 shares from Feb. 1 to March 24th at $3.77 to $4.57 per share. A good sign I think of a higher offer. Hold.

OPTO.ob–closed at $1.46, up 17% from our $1.25 buy price. Good earnings, volume picing up and a over $3 a share valuation–looking for over $2 soon. Buy.
AVSO.ob–closed at $2.15. Down $.09 last week but still up 81% from our $1.19 buy price. Hold for $2.50 or more.
IYXI.ob–closed at $3.00 unchanged last week and up 57% from our buy at $1.91. Filed their 10k on Friday. Sales were $25 million for the quarter, losses were high. Conference call on Monday will tell the tale for 2006 and where the stock goes from here. Hold.
CTIG.ob–released earnings last week also. Sales of $15 million and profitable for the year. A few people noticed, but not many and the price moved up to $.30 ask from our buy price of $.27–up 11%. Buy to $.30.


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