Cheap Stock Weekly Update March 28th 2014

Bad week last week as we were down 4.4%, and are up 72.7% for 2014. The DOW was up .1% and NASDAQ was down 2.8%. For the year, the DOW is down 1.5% and NASDAQ is down .5%
No earnings last week.

Some of our stocks are just stupid cheap—compared to their net cash on hand per share divided by their stock price.
Check this list:

GRVY 169%
CCUR 31%
SIGM 56%
MRVC 22%
SYNC 52%

BLIN, DAEG, GRVY and CBEY can still be bought.
Last week we went 0 stocks up, 13 down and 1 unchanged. Since inception we are now 66 stocks up and 18 down for a 78.6% winning percentage (80% is our target win %).

Since our beginning, we have closed out the following positions:

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