3/30/2015-CTIG Q4 Earnings Update

CTIG announced Q4 2014 (December 31, 2014) earnings last night. They had a HUGE Q4. Revenues were $6.1 million, which was 50% of their first nine months revenues. They also made net income of $1.7 million or $.05 for the quarter. For the year they did  $18.3 million in revenues and made $2.2 million or $.07 per share versus a $.04 loss last year. We updated our valuation on 2014 “year” numbers and our valuation rose to $1.39 from $1.34 last quarter. If we used the quarters numbers the valuation would have soared to $2.14. But since there is no guidance, not even a breakout of quarterly numbers, we are going to assume that this is a very positive “blip”. Still way undervalued, but no light as to when or how this will ever be properly valued. HOLD


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