More of the same………….

Our worst week of the year. Despite the brief rally in the markets, down, is the direction. Hopefully some good earning reports will appear for our stocks in the next couple of weeks and we will get some upwards pops. MIVA is our biggest dog, but PDLI is catching up. Last week we had 1 up, 9 down. CAW is looking interesting (see below). Since the start of the year we are still 9 up and 5 down. No buys or sells this past week. Looking at a number of stocks that look cheap–and they continue to get cheaper the longer we wait. We would rather miss them than make a mistake.

CAW-(Buy price $9.45, Valuation $18.40). Closed down $.20 for the week at $9.78. Yield about 3%. A group called Costa Brava Partnership is offering to buy the Class A stock at a “substantial premium”. Hopefully this is the catalyst we have been waitng for. CB owns 7.9% of the stock. Maybe management will do something for us shareholders to unlock the value here. Up 3% so far. HOLD.

QADI-(Buy price $6.93, Valuaton $11.86). Closed at $7.34, down $.36. Up 11% so far. HOLD.

PDLI-(Buy price $19.31, Valuation > $30)–Closed at $16.51, down $.75 from last week. Now down 15%. Still a BUY.

MIVA-(Buy price $3.80, Valuation $9.10). MIVA closed at $2.75, down $.05 from last week. Now down 28% on this one. HOLD.

Datawatch-(Buy price $3.66, Valuation $9.31). Closed at $3.61, up $.01 from last week, still a loser–down 1%. The discount to the valuation is just too big. Still a BUY.

Inforte-(Buy price $4.11, Valuation $7.32). Down $.02 to $4.77 last week. Still up 16%. HOLD for $6.00.


Linn.ob-(Buy price $.36, Valuation $.79). Closed at $.32, down $.04. Now down 11% YTD. Still a BUY.

OPTO.ob-(Buy price $1.25, Valuation $2.88). Closed at $1.23, down $.03 from last week. Now down 2% to date. BUY.

AVSO.ob-(Buy price $1.19, Valuation $3.81). Stock fell another $.14 from last week to $1.81. Now only up 52%. BUY

CTIG.ob-(Buy price $.27 ask, Valuation $.82). Ask price fell to $.43 (down $.02) last week. Closed at $.43. Cash is $.28 per share. Up 59% (based on asked price). HOLD.

IYXI.ob-(Buy price $1.91, Valuation–over $3.00). Closed down $.05 from last week at $2.60, up 36% so far. Announced some new business deals last week, but nobody cared. HOLD


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