CSI Update-February 2018 Free Blog

Of our closed out positions on the Blog, since inception, we have had 71 winners, 18 losers for an 80% win-rate with an average gain of 37%.

We will continue to update on the remaining stock positions individually until they are all sold.

In February:

AVID fired its CEO in late February for improper workplace conduct. They appointed their Chief Sales and Marketing guy as the new CEO. The stock did not react to the news. BUY

SYNC will announce earnings in March. They already have said they are expecting sequential sales growth of 28-40% for Q4 2017 as the $100 million AT+T contract finally kicks in. SYNC is trading at about .5 times revenue. It astounds me that this is trading at $2.00.  CHEAP!  BUY

ATEC is still turning around. Q4 earnings will be announced on March 8th. Hold.

PRSS announced Q4 2017 earnings. No sign of the successful turnaround yet. Revenues were $34 million down from $44 million last year and they lost $100,000 versus making $2.9 million last year. Our valuation fell from $10.15 last December to $7.77. They burned about $10 million of cash in 2017 and have about $32 million left ($1.92 a share). So it is trading for less than cash value, but that cash is dropping and the business is still not profitable even in their strongest quarter of the year. This is still a weak HOLD.

 February 2018 Legacy Positions:

                  Share      Current      Lifetime      Current      Price to     Prior

 Stock         Cost          Price          Gain            Value         Value       Value

SYNC           $2.56       $2.00           (22%)               $5.81         34%         $5.32

PRSS           $4.01        $1.52           (62%)               $7.77         20%         $5.37

ATEC          $7.06        $3.19            (55%)              $5.93         54%         $7.42

AVID           $8.35       $4.79            (43%)              $16.95        28%       $16.50



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