Buy-outs-Private Portfolio

My proprietary valuation formula which identifies undervalued tech and medical industry stocks results in a good number of buyouts.

These are the stocks that I owned that were bought out over the last 3 years. I had many others bought out over the 10 years of publishing the free Blog also (see Performance Record).


YUME 90% gain

Shortel (SHOR) 24% gain

MRV Communications (MRVC) 5% Loss

Angies List (ANGI) 60% gain

Syneron Medical (ELOS) 46% gain


Silicon Graphics (SGI) 70% gain

United Online (UNTD) 6% loss

Checkpoint Systems (CKP) 48% gain


Telecommunications Systems (TSYS) 260% gain

CTI Industries (CTIG) 118% gain

Envivio (ENVI) 109% gain

Daegis (DAEG) 25% loss

(XRSC) 260% gain


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