MTSL earnings update and Add to CKP

MER Telemanagement (MTSL)

Q3 earnings update 11/5/2015.

MTSL announced Q3 2015 earnings (quarter ended September 30, 2015) this morning. Revenues were $3.8 million up from $1.8 million last year. They had a Non-GAAP loss $.02 per share versus a $.08 loss last year. These results include a full quarter of Vexigo. While the results were not as good as we had hoped for when we recommended MTSL, our new valuation of $2.89 (was $3.46) is still more than double the current stock price and they seem to be indicating that Q4 video advertising (Vexigo) will be better. We are cutting this to a HOLD for now.

Checkpoint Systems (CKP)

Another stock that has plummeted based on the latest earnings. We just don’t see it. Our valuation did drop—by $.30. Meanwhile the stock plummeted by $1.70. We are adding another $10,000 here. Our new average buy price will be $6.76 a share.


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