BLIN and PRSS earnings updates


BLIN announced Q3 2015 earnings (quarter ended June 30, 2015) today. Revenues were $4.9 million down from $6.2 million last year but up from $4.8 million last quarter. They lost $.20 per share on a Non-GAAP basis compared to $.24 last year. Our valuation rose to $6.20 up from $6.10 last quarter on better margins. Overall, while margins and EBITDA (adjusted) improved it was pretty much a nothing quarter. Have to wait longer here as they eke out an existence and hopefully get this little boat moving in the right direction. HOLD.

PRSS announced Q2 2015 (6/30/2015) earnings last night. Not bad. They continue to slim down the business to its core. They are divesting their EZ print business now also. Revenues fell to $21.8 million from $29.1 million last year, but their loss from operations declined to $1.8 million from $4.4 million last year. Adjusted EBITDA was positive $.7 million versus negative $1.8 million last year. Cash fell to $46 million ($2.64 a share) from $56 million due to working capital changes and the repurchase of $2.3 million worth of stock. Our valuation was $8.95 down a tad from $9.09 last quarter. BUY


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