INFORTE (NASDAQ-INFT)-Take-under today

Well INFT got a take-over offer this morning. The price is way low in our opinion, but we will not fight it. SELL at $4.15. for a 11% gain. It was not worth the wait. But we did not lose money on it.


  1. I think the deal is under-valued, but better than a stick in the eye. INFT management unable to provide shareholder value, even with all that cash. Provansis failed deal and recent 8-K about earn out payout and employee leaving indicates they just could not get over the hill. Solid company and balance sheet, but I bet weakening was imminent. B&D Group recognized this and perhaps made a lowball offer. INFT may have been able to fetch more, but not a bad idea to take the high road and lock in some returns for shareholders after years of bleeding stock price and the one-time cash payout to protect shareholders from outsiders. I am glad I averaged down from my initial entry point of $4.02. Never went broke taking a profit

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